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        About us
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                 Ben Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou Xiaoshan as the evolution of Fangshan District Industrial Park (joint evolution of the town of Yue Village), close to the East double-track (highway) evolution toll, convenient transportation and beautiful scenery. Relying on a well-known universities and technical support related to graduate, engaged in intelligent low-voltage electrical design, manufacture and sales of professional firms.
                Company has major manufacturing HBXW1 series circuit breaker, HBXM1 series MCCB, HBXM1E electronic plastic case circuit breaker, HBXC1 series high breaking mini circuit breaker, HBXQ1 series dual power automatic transfer switch products. Related products by China National Quality Certification Center (CQC) presented the mandatory product certification (3C), ISO-9001: 2000 quality management system certification.
               We always adhere "to the ground to a fine, sincere letter" business philosophy; to "from the relentless pursuit of excellent quality, sincere service from the customer satisfaction" as quality policy; to "provide zero defect products harvested zero complaint satisfaction 'guidelines for the management company by the majority of the marketing network for electricity, smart grid, machinery manufacturing, real estate, construction, etc. to provide high reliability, high performance, intelligent low-voltage electrical products.
             Ben as electrical, only to provide customers with stable performance, zero-defect products
             Ben as electrical, only looking forward to cooperation with the insight

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