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        Home switch installation notes
        Date:[2011-12-10 14:18:01]
        Switch socket in our home life is essential, useful to the power required to switch socket where you need to, in our lives of ordinary household switch switch, dual-control switch, luminous switch, dimmer switch, etc., for our home switch 10A is within the normal electrical power to meet the limit of the family, and 16A to meet other home air conditioning or electrical power. We should pay attention to home switch installation the following questions:

        First, telephone, cable socket modules are generally behind a unified standard, in case of special, please note that a look behind the module.

        Second, the kitchen socket is not possible, to consider the actual use.

        Third, all the wall switches and sockets, if you need it to install, no need to install the whiteboard, do not plug, leaving a manhole for the future.

        Fourth, the study must consider the desk wiring and cable position.

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