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        Water is not clean? Carbon emissions are also
        Date:[2011-12-10 14:20:30]
        All along, we believe that hydropower is a clean, renewable energy, compared to thermal power, the water consumption of energy and environmental protection, are advantageous. However, in between thermal power and hydropower, with a different voice, that is, some people believe that water pollution on the environment in a way more super thermal power, mainly in the ecological impact. These views have been refuted by the solemn environmental officials, utilities have more questions, can not be compared with thermal power.

        Recently, the Brazilian scientists produced the world's 85 hydropower reservoirs of carbon dioxide and methane emissions were analyzed and found that low-latitude emissions from the new reservoir up. Carbon dioxide and methane emissions from the submerged vegetation and soil organic matter, usually in the valley after being drowned. After this, the river flows, the emergence of algae and vegetation growth around the reservoir to continue to improve organic matter content. The study by the Federal University of 內森巴羅斯 Fourah 巴西茹伊斯迪 leadership. Study found that from all the latitude to tropical reservoirs have become sources of methane emissions, 88% of the reservoir as emissions of carbon dioxide.

        Even if carbon emissions are water and electricity, but water has long been clear to the government "clean energy", and to the same nuclear power, wind power, solar energy as a positive development.

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